Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Authors Update - 1997

"The past is a foreign country".

On re-reading the comment of ten years ago, it sounds somewhat grumpy and old-mannish!
I should have mentioned all the advances since those distant days - the technology, the science, the emancipations, the improvements in medical knowledge. What a joy and relief, the present informality of dress after those stuffy and conformist days. Men were almost in a drab uniform; a bright tie could cause a sensation and could be thought rather daring, "not the thing!".

However, I must stick to my comments on lack of respect, that is backwards and forwards, up and down and self respect. (No one need know you did do it, or did not do it. Perhaps not, but I would know.) Especially respect for children, which includes their safety.

People of the nineties cannot be expected to imagine the ordered stability of those years before the second world war, which came like a tidal wave to change everything. Nor can they visualise the quiet roads, the smaller population - and a dark face was an exotic novelty!

This is ref: ┬ŻB/3ft (half blind three finger typist) so there may be errors, since I cannot see what I have typed.


Blogger Brian said...

A fascinating story. I live at the old vicarage in Wolfhamcote now. I would like to add the relevant parts to the website. Please get in touch.
Brian Sanderson
(edit address in the obvious way)

4:22 pm  

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