Saturday, February 10, 2007

Friday 19th May 1933

Usual housework during the morning. Went to Sudbrooke in the afternoon. A lovely day. Sunday jobs. Repaired two fences – new posts, barbed wire etc. Had a swim in the lake. Beautifully cool water.

Evening; a paddle round in “Wolf”. Horace the swan in aggressive mood. Attacked me three times, trying to get on my back. The third time was at twilight; he knocked me into the boat bottom. Thought I was done, but luckily he was down too – a blow with my paddle – so I had time to rise before he rushed again. I think courage is at it’s lowest ebb at twilight.

(2004. I am sitting in the flat bottomed boat reading and hardly noticed that Horace had circled behind me. There was a slight sound and I turned round and saw Horace above me poised to strike. I rolled into the bottom of the boat, hitting him with the punt pole. I was so frightened that I whimpered aloud. I was so ashamed of my fear that I stayed on the lake for 15 minutes in defiance, finally going out on the lake in a light canoe, for the final battle as described.)


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