Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sunday 17th February 1935

With Audrey. Met her in Datchet. Walked aimlessly beyond Slough, through strange country, until we reached, at dusk, a quiet little church with many graves and a huge monument nearby. It was Stoke Poges and here the poet, Gray, wrote his “Elegy in a Country Churchyard.” Sunset in the west and the moon newly risen in the east. (“Isn’t it sweet!” said Audrey.)

Caught a convenient bus to Slough and from there to Eton. Late tea at The Red House. Back to Datchet in the clear moonlight, strolling as we used to. Told her it was our last outing; she did not ask why. Went to the Manor Hotel for a drink. White Horse and Sherry. “Our respective futures” Said goodbye outside her gate. Kissed goodbye. Our first real kiss – the others, last summer, were without feeling.

Cycled home alone in the clear moonlight.


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