Friday, March 30, 2007

Sunday 5th May 1935

This is being written in unusual circumstances; I’m on a bench outside the Red Lion; time, nearly midnight i.e. nearly Jubilee Day. Around is the sense of the night country – just distant, vague sounds. Heavens, how hot, how sultry, it has been today!

Brockwell, Young and I, met Joan and her two girl friends when the Nottingham excursion reached Marylebone at about 2 o’clock. We were standing near the barrier, with half glasses of beer, having just dashed from the refreshment room!

Wandered in the sultry streets. Wonderful colours and decorations. Oxford Street was packed with people – no traffic. A sea of faces. Tea at the Popular in Piccadilly. Walked along the Embankment, past the RNVR ship “President”, which as usual, sent out it’s thrilling appeal to me. Had a look round St. Paul’s – packed with sight seers. Went to Elephant and Castle by bus and came back by tube. Drinks and supper at a pub near Fleet Street – the Cheshire Cheese. In a little alcove for six.

Saw them off on the 9.30 from Marylebone. (“Hail, Athelston, Hail!”) Left Dick and John at Waterloo. They were adventurously staying the night in town. I couldn’t because of the tug-of-war. Nearly broke my heart to leave them!

(Incidentally, we had the last tug-of-war practice, at the works this morning, at 10.30. Dashed from there to the station.)

How hot it has been! Even now, late at night, in the country, it is still warm.
Have just had supper (everyone else in bed, of course) and thought I’d sit and have awhile, in the quietness before turning in. I’m smoking some Balkan tobacco which Joan gave me. Very contented end to the day.

…Thorpe church has just struck twelve! This is the Jubilee Day!


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