Monday, March 26, 2007

Tuesday 1st January 1935

Morning in the Edge Runner Dept., still scraping. Then told to move into the White Mixing Room, to learn pale tinting. After lunch I said goodbye to Hiley, Howard and “Ascot Lad” (name unknown) and joined Bowdey, Gunner, Tom and Miss Walmsley.

My sixth department. Why the sudden hurry? I have an idea but it may be wrong… Miss Walmsley’s fiancé has just applied for a position in the lab. Perhaps his application has made the Office consider the possibilities of a student already in the works..? Incidentally Maurice has told me he is very keen to get a vacancy which may shortly occur in the lab. Thus, I know everything! (Or think I do.)

The financial system is now written out neatly. For the rest of the month I set myself a quota for expenditure – cigarettes, digs, cups of tea, laundry – everything. If I can keep within the quota – a hard one – I’ll end the month about 6/- in hand. Must not have any black moods! A good test for moral courage.


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