Friday, April 13, 2007

Sunday 29th September 1935

Raining like hell. Caught the 9.14 up from Egham. Met Joan at Liverpool Street 11.30.
Lunch at a little Italian café. Had a look round Tussauds. Many tube journeys. Tea at the popular, Piccadilly. (First piece by the orchestra was “Lovely to look at” the current dance number.)

Joan gave me half a crown, two photographs, and a grey pullover. Dominating young woman! Of course, she is ten days older than myself… Saw her off from Pancras at 5 o’clock. Another day which helped banish vague thoughts of a life of crime.

Still have 3/4d left! Definite liability for next week – 2/6, train fare to the Poly and back.


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