Saturday, April 07, 2007

Thursday 11th July 1935

(From midnight to half-past-four in the morning.)

After writing my dull notes on the opposite page, I got into bed. Lay sleepless for some time, then dreamed – a most vivid dream: -

The bedroom was too hot; I took off my pyjamas, got out of bed, put them away in a drawer. As I passed the window, I heard footsteps – looked out – saw a girl below. It was Diana. I leaned from the window and whispered “Ashton.” (Knowing it was a dream, I felt no surprise.)

Clad in white shirt, shoes and bags, with an old tweed jacket, I went down to her.
Twelve o’clock. Click! The lights went out. The world was ours, except for night birds until – Three o’clock. Then a crazy ride into Staines on her old red bike.
I strode back through the fields as it grew lighter. Four o’clock. Morning dew. Daylight. Cocks crowing all around. Stole quietly back to my bed…

A most vivid dream – but it wasn’t a dream; it was real!
I’m sure it all actually happened!


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