Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tuesday 31st December 1935

The river rose rapidly during the night and Windsor Road is now flooded as before. It is still coming up, too!

Evening cycle ride to Thorpe. Tried Chertsey Lane but water was too deep, so took the other road. Went on by St. Anne’s Hill to Chertsey Bridge. Cycled back along the riverside to Halesham. Big stretches of the road flooded and the river rushing past a few feet away. I saw it by the light of the new moon. Got through, eventually.

Am smoking a cigar as I write – I can taste that! Having had supper; shall soon be going to bed. One New Year’s Eve, I shall have a gay time. But not this year.
I’ve just been trying to write some poetry. (…you and I would not be nearer than this – Our highest heights…) Shall now use it as a spill for my pipe.


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