Monday, April 30, 2007

Wednesday 22nd January 1936

Our seamanship course began with a tour of the ship! Very cold on the after bridge, the focsle and fore super structure, as we stood about, being shown boats falls, fair leads and so on.

Jellicoe class falls in on the gun deck, starboard side. Immediately opposite is the newly formed Blake class. The Blakes (about ten files) shuffle awkwardly to their places and “number off” and “dress” without enthusiasm.

CPO Ingram loves this and puts Jellicoe through the hoops whilst Blake watches with envy. Their CPO say audibly “There y’are! Look ‘ow they do it.” CPO Ingram, more pleased than ever, bawls “Awful! Do it again!” and makes us repeat the movements.

Nearly every man in London has a black tie. The women wear dark clothes; many have mourning armlets on the left arm.


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