Monday, May 07, 2007

Saturday 7th March 1936

An afternoon and evening with the lady-of-the-railway-train. Norah Bridges aged 26 (“Anne”). She works in a Slough office, is pleasantly truthful and annoyingly correct. (“Prim and proper.”)

Met her at West Drayton 3.30 and saw her onto the Slough train again at 11.20. Her father is a chauffer or something, and she lives with her sister (whose husband is an ex-leading seaman RN). It was very enjoyable, the process of “discovering” each other.

She asked me what I was and I said I was an Assistant Foreman in a paint works. Later, I asked if she thought it right to mix with common working men but she said she wasn’t snobbish! She told me she had never – ever – made a casual friend of this improper sort and I believed her.

When Norah stepped out of the train at West Drayton she was rather worried about a headline in the afternoon paper, “German Troops enter Rhineland”.


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