Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wednesday 30th September 1936

Our last punting expedition this summer. The weather relented; it was a warm night.
I wore my white canvas ducks and a white shirt. Doggy! I made cocoa on my stove, whilst we were moored in the Witchery Backwater. Had lots of cream with it! Then I washed the utensils in the river water.

Gwyneth knelt, gazing with fascinated eyes at the little glow of light from the stove. (She loves flame and fire.) “Do you think I could kiss you?” I asked with interest. Her exquisite look, half shy, half smiling! “I don’t know.”

Am writing this six days later. How lonely it seems without Gwyneth Elaine, the Witch!

No one had quite such a darling softness as she… If she were here, she would tell me some word which explained, illustrated, the whole attraction we have for each other. However, I must think alone now… Response! Perhaps that is the word she would have chosen.

I think Gwyneth left Egham on Friday morning, about lunchtime. We shall meet again.


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