Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Saturday 20th February 1937

My last morning at the Works. Could hardly realise the break which was upon me. Did not seem real. Only a few people at the works knew I was going.

Gave my overalls to AB Simpkins. Mr Ellis (I still call him Mr because he was my first instructor and therefore respected) shook hands and made a little speech.
Harris, also. Curiously, those two men have been my most consistent friends. Val, Mad Willy and I exchanged a few vague phrases – his motor bike engine roaring.
A hard mornings work. Filthy hands. Well, they won’t be so dirty next week.

As I left the works – alone – it was a lovely, sunny morning, but dark clouds rolled up. Hail fell as I waited for the bus. And then the skies cleared again!


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