Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Friday 30th July 1937

A nauseating little piece of cold dry steak for breakfast. Could not face it, so had bread, margarine and marmalade with my tepid tea.

Went to the ammo. Dump at R.A.O.C. depot this morning. Hard work, packing boxes of shell cases etc. Back to the main camp by lorry at 1 o’clock.

Saw a line of men outside the Battery Office. “Dawson!” bellowed an NCO, “At the double!” It was the pay parade and they had just started on the letter “D”. The psychological arrival! Received 15/- and dashed along to a roadside café for cigarettes and chocolate.

Dinner: cold stewed meat and semi-cold peas and potatoes.

Short of gunners in 193, so two scratch crews were made up. I was Number Seven of no. 1 gun. Soon got used to this new job (Numbers I have not attempted yet are 2,3,5 and 6.) My gun let off 75 rounds, short burst.

Finished 7p.m. Had a snack – cheese, bread, butter and tepid tea – at the guard tent. Cleaning and covering guns until 9 o’clock. Then, at last, I had a wash, got rid of my overalls.

Nearly 11 o’clock now. Lee is out; I’ll smoke and read.


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