Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sunday 29th August 1937

A day in uniform. Very hot. 193 Battery lost many fluid ounces of perspiration! Assembled 10:30 and, headed by the Brigade Band, marched to Chalkwell Park.

Drumhead service.
Not an ordeal.
Not very impressive.
Or thrilling.

Marched back to the drill hall. Wearily. Six miles in yokel’s boots. When I was at Roedean again I had to change everything – clothes were so damp. What a relief to put on grey bags, canvas shoes and an old jacket! Two hours at Roedean, then back to headquarters, once more in uniform.

“At Home” to parents and friends. I had no parents or friends present, so helped with the tea. Rather a chaotic tea, with everyone scrambling for cups. Afterwards, when we’d cleaned up and so forth, I hung about in the canteen. Had several shandies (no beer!); smoked several pipes and cigarettes; played darts with Tree.

Home 9 o’clock. Changed into “civvies” again.


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