Saturday, February 02, 2008

Monday 20th December 1937

Quarter past eleven of a cold and frosty morning before I was on the road today. Business is slack and so am I. Took one order however, from a synthetics customer – cycle manufacturer and therefore unaffected by the seasonal slump. Also, had a “pleasant interview” with the Southend Borough Surveyor; first time I’ve been admitted to the Presence.

At home I found a cheery but almost pathetic letter from Jack Garratt. He’s getting married on New Year’s Day! Yes, the bride is May! They are spending a three day’s honeymoon in London. Jack wrote to the Royal Hotel, Woburn Place, but May thought it might be a “bit too posh”. So would I find a nice, quiet hotel for them, and also meet or arrange to have them met, at the station? I don’t believe either of them have ever been to Town before. In their eyes London, the Metropolis. (And in mine too, if it came to that.) So in my Christmastide diary is a reminder; - “Arrange for Jack’s Honeymoon Hotel”.

From tea at Sway, to the dancing school. Afterwards, with rhythm in my blood, I went to a gramaphone shop and bought a record of an intoxicating tune – “I’ve got you under my skin”. Have not got an instrument but perhaps Margaret Goddard will let me have it played on the radiogram. I’d love dancing to that music.

Went to the Tudor Teahouse; a sort of Club sub-committee meeting on a ramble in Surrey which is being planned for next month. Present; three girls and myself. Not enough men in the Club! Drove Lois Rogers home to Eastwood afterwards. She seemed somewhat amused at the idea of anyone buying a record without a gramaphone and invited me in, to have the thing played. The gramaphone was somewhat asthmatic but performed bravely. Lois also played some German records. To my surprise, I learnt that she writes poetry as a hobby. Didn’t think she was that type, somehow.


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