Sunday, March 23, 2008

Monday 29th August 1938

Wet-looking this morning at nine o’clock, when I set out for Colchester. “Where’s my other mackintosh?” I asked Mrs Butler. Looking nervous she explained that – “Miss Rogers came and fetched it away to take it to the cleaners and she told me not to say anything!” “I’ll be damned!” I exclaimed, startled, but pleased, “I might as well be married already!”

Company Meeting at the Sigs. Drill Hall. Sat at a table with Faylis and Woolmer. Among other amusements a comic film (of a ragtime American Army) was shown. Peculiarly pleasant to be sitting beside two friends in the darkness. As we watched the film we munched biscuits, cheese and pickles. In reserve there were glasses of beer and our cigarettes. Oh, very luxurious!


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