Monday, June 30, 2008

Tuesday 15th August 1939

I’m writing this where I wrote the last 8 pages – in the waiting room at Renolds of Dagenham. I have been here nearly 100 minutes now whilst they make yet another attempt to fit my electric motor so that the windscreen wipers work.

Have made only three calls today, so far. One gave an order and another was an important call. Billings of Grays! This name is in the news again! At my last “service” call, he revealed that because of our high prices he’d given the last order to a rival firm. However, he gave us an opportunity to revise our prices and deal direct, cutting out the three merchants who’ve been fighting for the business.

I reported all this, adding that he had used about 270 gallons of Paripan products within the last 18 months, and was duly requested to call at head office. This I did last week and Mr Reddall went into it thoroughly. Beside the special prices, I did not want trouble with the merchants unless the firm were at my back!

Today I interviewed Billings again, did my sales talk and quoted prices. Was able to go a little higher in the case of hard gloss, quoting a better quality material than that suggested. Am to recall next Friday and there seems quite a chance that the great man will give us his next order.

I have now been in the waiting room for 110 minutes.

Quite soon after writing the above, my car was ready. They had been able to get only a single wiper in action – the motor was not strong enough for the twin wipers.
Fed-up and disgusted, I was thankful for small mercies and came away. Sure enough, one wiper worked!

George and I strolled along the Chelmer this evening. Returning in the darkness across a field, George was just explaining the duties of “A” troop Signals NCO and had mentioned those of Norrington, the telephonist, when a voice cried, “Who’s talking about me?”

It was Norrington, leaning against the lock baulks, with a girl! To my further amusement, Gobey appeared from the darkness! He was presumably acting as chaperone. Eventually we brought Harold Gobey away with us. Dropped George outside the Milk Bar. Wiley (of 5 Queens Road) appeared simultaneously so I introduced him to George and after a short chat, left them there together.

Chelmsford begins to feel “friendly” now that I can wander about and bump into people I know.


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