Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Saturday 7th October 1939

Pond and I had an easy morning, “checking stores” at BHQ and keeping out of everyone’s way. We wandered up there after second parade – stopping for a snack en-route – and spent the whole morning doing work which could have been accomplished in half an hour!

Once it seemed that we might really have some work to do; a lorry driver hurried in and said he’d a wireless set, to be dismantled and stored away. “Ah yes,” said Pond and I, almost simultaneously, then, “Go upstairs and report to Lance Bombardier Dean” – I said, - “And tell him to detail two men,” finished Pond. The driver disappeared. Sid and I laughed at each other. When Mr Adams appeared he was very pleased with the work we’d done…

Weekend pass came through! Slinky B took the road at 2 o’clock. Harlow, Bedford, Northampton, Daventry – Wolfhampcote!


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