Monday, July 28, 2008

Thursday 23rd November 1939

Major Ingledew returned today. He stood in the steady rain, keen eyes sweeping up and down the ranks, as the Battery fell in during second parade.

One improvement in the system of meals serving. A pat of butter (or margarine) is put on each mans’ plate; before breakfast the Battery marches down the road towards Farnsfield and we then double back in sections, so that we dribble into breakfast in small parties. Some men – at the front – had to march a devil of a way before turning back. We had to double back about half a mile in my section (being in the rear of the column today) and found that quite gruelling enough.

Inoculation parade today for fifty of us. Fell-in at 9:15a.m. and marched about or stood in the ranks from then until 11 o’clock, when we received the needle. It rained steadily all the time. Had a cup of tea in a café with Ron Dean, then came back to the billets for a couple of hours. About dinner time now so I’ll go back. My clothes have all been dried but – it is still raining.

Work – buggering about – as usual in the afternoon. It rained steadily. The dope began to take effect and none of us could swing our left arms by 2 o’clock. Two or three blokes were taken ill but the rest of us carried on. There was no sick leave, as I believe is usual.

Felt very languid in the evening, as the BSM had prophesied. Cleaned my kit without any enthusiasm and went to bed at 10 o’clock. Arm felt uncomfortable but I soon fell asleep.


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