Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tuesday 31st October 1939

Lucky that I went to the Cock Inn early last night. Soon after I’d gone, an afternoon order was issued: “The village of Stock is now out of bounds to all troops” Apparently some infectious disease has broken out there. “Fall out any man who has been to Stock within the last week,” ordered Captain Boulton, acting OC, at third parade. I fell out and expected further developments but they just noted my name. Fortunate! I went there without a pass!

Having been inspected by Major-General Whitmore (Honoury Colonel of the Regiment), who gave us a succinct speech on the glorious traditions of the Essex Yeomanry, the Battery dismissed at 12 o’clock. Hellish cold! The four lance-snakes, Ling, Dean, Pond and I, went to a warm snack bar for steaming tea and fruit pastries. (Ling and Dean paid today; we take turns at “pushing the boat out” or “taking the chair” as it is sometimes called.)

We then went to a studio and had photographs taken of the four of us. There was much merriment as we posed coyly, first straddling a bench for a head and shoulders photograph, secondly draping ourselves artistically on bits of furniture for a ¾ length picture.


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