Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday 1st July 1940

We're very busy – little leisure now – getting ready for the move, which will be to Egypt, on a full war basis. Sidney Pond was promoted to Lance-Sergeant in tonight's orders. I'm glad for his sake but guess it means a break-up of the snakes. He's here now, with Stan and I, in the NAAFI, having his last supper in the bombardiers mess.

We grumble still about the NAAFI. “I've no longer any doubt as to who should own Palestine,” I said to John as we were slowly served by a greasy looking Jew from Prussia. “No, Steve!” laughed John Leonard, “Any doubts I had have now been dispelled!” And in the gunner's mess; “Give me some tea,” ordered a bloke. And when he got it, “Take it away! I said tea, not piss!” “Give me egg and chips – and they'd better be hot,” said Hadlow. The Jew put his hands on the plate as he waited for the money. “Nice and hot, yes?” “Take your fucking hands off!' said Hadlow rudely, “Who's is it, yours or mine?”

I read a bit more of “Chaos is come again” How slowly one reads nowadays! Extract:-

“But underneath we're all afraid... and those who shout optimism surely do so because they can't stand the silence...”

Guess this applies to several apparently “keen” blokes in this battery who cry such balls as “Russia will come in on our side now!” “America and Turkey will be with us within a few days!” “We know what we're doing, mate. Just luring the Jerries into a trap!”


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