Friday, August 22, 2008

Sunday 2nd June 1940

High Noon 1940

Things perfectly normal today – reveille 7a.m. and all that. Second day of the khamsin. Dust, wind and heat. The wind tore the tent; dust was everywhere, most unpleasant of all the khamsin things. The heat – 110F in the shade.Sidney and I found coolness in the afternoon. We swam, down at the beach. Ah! It was lovely! “And this is war!” said Arnold, the new BSM, swimming up to us. “Well! It's a matter of luck. We might just as easily have been sent to France.”

Meanwhile in Europe, the grim evacuation of the routed BEF continues. They are embarking at the Dunkirk beaches, constantly shelled, bombed and machine gunned. Hundreds of thousands of men... The fort of Calais is still holding out...

War with Italy is thought to be imminent.


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