Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday 10th April 1941

We are in the defences of Tobruk and our guns are aimed – ironically enough – at approximately the positions outside the wire which we occupied during the siege, three months ago. Now there may be another sort of siege... but we are not cut off yet.

Enemy artillery has been shelling the outer defences on the Derna road today. And there has been a good deal of bombing – only one lot fell near enough to cause us to take cover; they generally aim at the docks. We often paused in our digging tonight, to watch the terrific AA barrage fly up. Then, twice, minutes after it was all over, the air became full of a gentle sighing, as though a summer shower of rain were coming. Then part of the barrage droned down around us!

The war is still gathering momentum – no sign of the pace slackening yet. How many years more, before we all get back to living our real lives?


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