Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday 27th February 1941

It is no rumour now, but fact. We move, early this afternoon, up the Road again, towards Mersa Matruh...

9p.m. We're sitting around a cheery camp fire on the coast near Mersa Matruh. We can hear the sighing of the sea; the crackle of wood. Grant is here and mashing tea. I've just eaten two bars of Cadbury's (bought from the Daba NAAFI). Nevertheless, I, like the rest of 104th (EY) Regiment RHA, am profoundly depressed. Going up to Libya!

Perhaps the worst moments of today were when we passed 106th on the Road, going down to rest camp. Truck after truck, marked with the familiar fox's head like our own, flashed past, full of men dirty and tired – but happy. As the two convoys roared past each other, 106th gave ironical cries. Probably think we're just going for our initial trip up that rotten Road.

No leave now, definitely! And no visit to the photographer's! No break from the Army!


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