Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday 6th December 1941

Ted Gayler and Sammy Jacobovitch came back from the Base today.
The Polish exchange closed down for good last night, with many excited shoutings of “good bye” and “down with Hitler” over the line.

2p.m. This time, we really move! The line laying party has already gone on ahead, to some point outside the perimeter. We've obtained some trucks and borrowed others, so that the whole battery can move. When the borrowed trucks have dumped their contents on the position they will return to their owners, leaving a far from mobile battery in action. We certainly can't advance; lets hope we don't have to withdraw!

6:20p.m. We did not move! Just before we went, and after some parts of the battery had already gone, it was all postponed again! That was two hours ago but part of the Regiment is still scattered about the miredam, even now. What a bloody game. It's postponed for 24 hours, so doubtless we shall have to go through it all again, tomorrow.


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