Thursday, November 20, 2008

Monday 10th August 1942

After we'd all been so faithful for such a long time, I now hear that there have been six cases of desertion from the Regiment during the last two months. Four of the deserters' names are familiar to me. There are two old Regulars – proper bad hats and just the type to desert. Two more are fairly colourless tough boys who came to us with the last draft from Blighty. The last pair are apparently two of 519 HQ signallers! Unfortunately my informant couldn't recall their names, except that he didn't think they were old Yeomen. That's an easy guess anyway! Few enough remain of the old HMT “Dilwara” people!

Yesterday, skulking in the canteen, I watched the four batteries do a march past just outside,to the strident strains of “The British Grenadiers” played by the Depot Band. (“The Grenadier” is the march-past of the Royal Regiment of Artillery.)

I watched this brave show and waited expectantly; but nothing happened. The old thrill was gone for good. My hair did not crinkle, there was no goose-flesh, no tears of pride came to my eyes.


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