Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Thursday 15th January 1942

We left Jericho this morning. A sunny day with good visibility – hell!

Came back to Jerusalem and to the YMCA. Left the films at a photography shop. The first meal we had possibly undid all the good of the excellent greens and fresh meat we'd been having in the Valley. We went to the Viennese Tea Rooms (a very English place!) and had much creamy – very creamy – coffee, very creamy cream buns and meringues, and cheese omelette.

We also got up to date with the war news.

Later we had a swim (third in 3 days!) at the YMCA Baths. Nice, bath swimming again.
How strange to sense once again, the distinctive taste of a cigarette smoked just after coming out of a bath of chlorinated water! In the evening, of course, we went to see a flick.

But – I don't know – I guess I prefer the hills and wilderness!


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