Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tuesday 22nd September 1942

A deadly exam today. Two hours of a written paper on Wireless Theory; then two hours of a written paper on electricity. Guess I passed the latter (without any distinction) but am dubious about the former. So is Bob Dewhurst (we sat together) As soon as I'd finished my essay on the triode valve he said gruffly “Pass 'em over” and I pushed my papers within reach of his eagle eye.

Presently I got into difficulties, at the question, “Describe Detection.” So cautiously wrote on a scrap of paper “DETECTION?” and pushed it onto his side of the desk. No response, so I said in a stage whisper, “Oy! What's detection mean?” Dewhurst raised a haggard face. “Don't know! I'm leaving that one myself.”

Tomorrow is Tuning and Fault Finding, No.11 set; and an oral exam.


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