Monday, December 01, 2008

Sunday 29th November 1942

It was nearly time for the Guard to be relieved. The guard-tent was cleaned up, everything ready. On the regimental parade ground, the new guard was being inspected. Some boots and battle dress trousers appeared outside the door. Then Bob Dewhurst ducked his head and came in, laughing! I began to laugh as well. He looked so black and sinister! “Have you come to stay, Bob?” were my first words (for a moment, the impossible seemed possible). “No. Just called in to see you Steve. Met some of your blokes in town; they said the 104th was here” “Bugger me! Still at the Base Depot?” “Yes! I'm on a gunnery course now. When it's over, I'll have another shot at getting into the 104th, as a gun NCO” “My God! What's the Base like, Bob?” “Worse than ever! I was nearly on a charge this week – for inciting rebellion” “What about the others?” “Oh, Brum and Burrows went on draft to a field regiment a few days ago. Burt is an instructor at the Wing. Baker was slung out of the Wing but is working a Base job. Stamping dining hall chits or something” “The bastard!” “Yes. Well, what was the battle like?” “Pretty cushy this time, for us”


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