Thursday, January 08, 2009

Monday 2nd August 1943

This morning, William and I were told to get our kits from the store; we are going away tomorrow. So only one of the eight stays behind – Key – and he is to go to Base after all.

“How do you feel now that you're going home?” enquired Captain Colville. Well, that was difficult to answer. There's something pleasurable about the move; we all like a change. Its nice to have my kit before me, and see all the bright Ack1 crossed flags on the sleeve of the KD shirt I shall soon be wearing. But it is sad to be leaving Palestine and this ward. Someone else is i/c linen now; and gone are my plans for the garden, in which I was becoming interested. Already two new men are at work. They are carrying to extremes the delicate system of irrigation canals which was invented by Serg. Geller and myself; they're digging huge trenches all over the flower beds, even in that area which can be sprayed with a hose... I shuddered at the sight.

Finally, the formalities and routine attached to going away, though few are terribly annoying to me. Forms to be filled in – in duplicate. And then you've been given the wrong form; you must come back (½ a mile in the blazing sunshine each way) with two copies of Appendix “C” to General Order 104/43 duly made out...

I won't say that I'm sorry about leaving my delightful veranda bed because all beds will be brought back into the ward this afternoon anyway, 'cos there is a Big Inspection tomorrow and it wouldn't do foR the Colonel to see us in a normal healthy condition...

It was a great relief when the doctor today assured me that there was nothing organically wrong with me (“It's just that you've found it difficult to adjust yourself to Army life...”) and that I should be quite alright after the War.


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