Friday, January 02, 2009

Saturday 13th March 1943

We have arranged a mode of communication with Paras the Greek thus; the orderly says to me, “Find out what that Greek's shouting about, will you?” So I say to Hamad, “Inter kallum Cypriot what Greek want.” Hamad then rattles off mass Arabic to the Cypriot who passes it on in Greek to Paras. The latter replies volubly and at length, and slowly, by the same means, the answer comes back and it is established that the Greek wants to go to the lavatory.

Like old Ghandi, the Greek is very keen on dumb charades. Today, by means of signs, we discussed most of the dramatic features of the Trojan War, from the joint escapade of Paris and Helen and the gathering of the armies – including such choice bits as the malingering trick of Odysseus – to the fall of Troy. The old boy is alright but he's rather wrapped up in the war from the Albanian campaign onwards. I find Ghandi more entertaining.

Chadwick still gloomy and self-engrossed. However, he's agreed to give a hand with the washing tomorrow. He will be 3rd i/c. Private Hunter RAMC is i/c washing and kerosene replenishments at present, and I am 2nd i/c W and KR and i/c filling and lighting stoves. The Sister is In-Charge-of-Checking-Washing.

Two new boys arrived in the Ward this evening – 1) an artillery man and 2) a dear little black brudder for Ghandi, N'Sonki and Joe Louis.


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