Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sunday 12th March 1944

I went to Hampstead this afternoon, perhaps for the last time before leaving Woolwich. Chiefly I went for a tin of tobacco, but also to see their friendly faces there. The journey cost me only the underground fare from London Bridge to Belsize Park and back, as while collecting tickets at Woolwich, I'd collected a few for myself!

It was nice to be sitting on the floor of the lounge, where Pep. was installed in bed, discussing books and the possibilities of re-incarnation and other existence's besides this one. It was jolly, too, when Pat came in and put a neat little tray of tea on the floor beside one. There are few cups of tea I've enjoyed as much as the two I had then, for I'd fallen asleep in the train and awoken with a foul taste in my mouth.


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