Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thursday 13th January 1944

Before, I waited in dread suspense; now, I only wait.

This forenoon I went into the office and signed a form (joining orders) which on the reverse side stated; that 870844 Bdr. Dawson SJ 104 RHA “Y” list from overseas was to report to OC, RA Depot, Woolwich on January 17th as early as possible.

“You're going back to duty,” explained the NCO i/c the form.
“So I see. Does an escort go with me?” “No!” “Do I take all my kit with me?” “Certainly! You're finished with hospital!” “Then I'll be free?” I cried. “Yes!” he replied, all jolly!

I walked out of the office singing “Song of the Revolution” to ease my feelings.
The responsive letters I'd had from the family all seem cautious and guarded on the subject of my remaining in the Army. There's a hint of too much panic and planning, also. Mother said was she to book rooms at a London hotel for herself, Father, April, Robin and I, for the 28th? And should she send my civilian clothes? “No,” I replied to both questions.

All Father said about my medical re-grading was that he'd received my letter of the 8th and would come and visit me here next Sunday. That has a sinister sound! I sent him a telegram: “DONT COME AM REPORTING WOOLWICH ARTILLERY DEPOT MONDAY THANK GOD”.


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