Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tuesday 22nd February 1944

Today, like yesterday, was pretty ghastly in all respects. This afternoon, snow fell.

The bitter gloom of the day was enlivened by one smiling moment when – on the 4:30p.m. parade – I received a complimentary piece of my own wedding cake from my own mad wife! The cake was neatly packed in the orthodox small box adorned with merry bells, and a polite card inside (with a tiny envelope) stated “With Mr and Mrs Stephen Dawson's Compliments, 22nd February 1944”. In the top, left hand corner of the card was the name “Constance W Aiken” with an arrow spearing through the surname... I had grumbled – at Pitsea last Sunday, when eating a large portion of wedding cake with my tea – that I could not be one of the lucky fifty people who had received a complimentary piece by post with the usual box and card, but of course, I did not expect to be taken seriously!

(“Fifty people?” I remarked at the time, “Anyone I know?” “No, I don't think so,” replied my wife casually!!!)

It is becoming increasingly difficult to leave the barracks because of some new arrangements which have been made re exeunt at the gate. There will be no more slipping out early to the pictures or afternoons in Pitsea or Hampstead; and no more weekends with April unless I can get a pass, which is very difficult.


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