Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wednesday 20th October 1943

Paced 20 furlongs.

About 3 pipe-fulls of 'baccy remain and 10 cigarettes. So the tobacco fast will shortly commence. Foolishly, for the last few smokes, I've cleaned out my pipe scrupulously. Therefore even this deadly mixture tastes as sweet as the proverbial nut, making it harder to forswear my pipe, even for 2 days.

This “fast” reminds me of another effort to renounce smoking I made, before the war, when living those happiest days in Thames Valley. As I lit my final pipe (most lovingly of course!) Dick Young who was lounging beside me with John Brockwell, looked at me mockingly and began to sing, “Now the day is over...” The final pipe became even more poignant. I forget how long the renunciation lasted – a few days I suppose!

Prowling in the office last night, Jock Hart discovered that I was on the SIL (Seriously Ill List). Wonder how long I've been on that? As they know nothing about me here, I shall probably remain on this list indefinitely! By way of contrast to being Seriously Ill, the MO today tried to persuade me to go back to an “open” ward. I pleaded to remain where I was however.


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