Thursday, February 05, 2009

Tuesday 30th May – Wednesday 31st May 1944

On Tuesday the heat wave was still in progress. April and I went to Billericay to get my civilian Identity Card and Ration Books. April was elegant and cool in a cream-coloured cashmere costume.

We had a misadventure on the road back. Field Security officers boarded the bus and demanded all identity cards! I showed mine proudly but April had forgotten to bring hers. At first the Officer was a bit deadly but he eventually allowed me to vouch that the lady was genuinely my wife. Nevertheless after pleasant remarks about the weather he went away stating curtly, “I have to warn you Mrs Dawson that you will be reported to the Police!” This so flabbergasted us both that we could not either expostulate or plead for mercy. We merely smiled weakly and said, “Oh? Yes.”

Next morning April and I walked to Pitsea Police Station and she produced her identity card and papers. We hoped this might conclude the matter, but it did not.

In the afternoon we took Vi into Southend for tea and a picture show; she seemed glad to be home again though – doesn't like to stray far from Terori.

That night, or rather in the early hours of next morning, April and I had the hell of a fight because I said that the bicycle Aphrodite was my best girl friend. We rolled all over the bed and once April was standing on her head on the floor. She wouldn't give in though, wouldn't let me kiss her until I'd denied Aphrodite in her favour. As I did so, an unseen morning cock began crowing...


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