Monday, February 12, 2007

Saturday 10th Sunday 11th June 1933

Evening, Night and Morning.

We assembled at 11p.m. for the Club night ramble. Raining slightly. Nine of us and one girl. Out by Greetwell, singing merrily – “John Brown’s Body”, “Rogenim” etc. Fiskerton 12.30; not a soul about. Bridle path. Soaking rain, rough path, I led the way with my torch. Walked in single file. Shelter? “Rough bit! Slow down, keep torch!” A decent road again. Gave Mona (Tom Chapman’s sister) my spare mac. Mr. Melton and I left in rear. Barlings. Noises of the night. Still raining. Two had sought shelter in a pub. Sudbrooke Park. (I leading). Two more left us and went home. Single file through the fields and woods. Very difficult to keep to the path.

At last, found a small summer house (we missed the first). Time about 3.30 and raining hard. Lit a fire, dried and changed, as far as possible. Hot tea from my thermos and a tot of whisky from Charlie. 4.30, light came (presumably dawn) and we splashed through the dripping estate to the gardens.

The “body” in the bell tent. Took possession of the gas house and dried ourselves again. Went to rouse the “body” and found it was not Castledine, but his aunt, Miss Gilbert. However we found him safely and I was soon frying breakfast over a primus stove. Bacon and egg, tea.

Away before 8. Home along Wragby Road. Mona got a lift, Melton and Tom caught a bus, while Charlie, Tom’s brother and I walked home. Lay down for forty winks and awoke a 2.10 p.m.

Dressed, washed etc. and dashed to Eastgate 2.35. Another ramble, 6 of us. To Sudbrooke by the Cherry Willingham route. Fierce looking goose at Reepham, braved by May and I. Tea in a shed while it rained, near the Park. Only 2d. each! Scothern. Here I had to catch the bus (family’s orders for early arrival). Annoyed.

Hot dinner. It is now 9 o’clock; I am going to bed. The night’s misadventures gave me many opportunities to use my superior Scout knowledge and resourcefulness. I can lead. Goodnight.

(2004 A wet night ramble followed by a day ramble. I must have been crazy.)


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