Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday 4th, Monday 5th, Tuesday 6th June 1933

Hot , glorious day. Brekker with Lion Patrol, by the lake. A party of us worked hard at the old dam and demolished it. Cross cutting, hauling. Thirsty and hot, shoulders getting sun burnt. To the camp; a fine swim and dinner with the seagulls. Peas and prunes!

This far I wrote at Sudbrooke in the tent, before going to sleep. Not wishing to disturb Akel however, I put out the light and now continue on later Wednesday. The camp is over long since so I cannot remember much, except for a few special impressions. The glorious weather throughout the camp – night I could see the moon and the sky (still blue) through the tent door. The heat and the cool lake. The jolly, brotherly spirit – “Have tea with us, Steve!”.

Monday, when the parents came – the picnic feeling, boating, wood cutting in the lake. Horace attacked the Lion and it was overturned by the scared boatmen. Luckily, Horace did not again trouble the victims and we got them safely ashore.

On Sunday we all went to church at Sudbrooke. Funny little camp incidents, too; When Reggie lost his bathing costume and where three of the Lions were sent to fetch three loaves (as a punishment.)

On Tuesday I borrowed a cycle and went to Lincoln to report at the Exchange, bring Akel's shop correspondence back with me. The Camp Fire on Monday night was very good, beginning with a feast of chips and cocoa round the blaze. I was with the Wolves – Barney, Wag, Laurie and Dickie. We did “Swansong” (Horace’s attack on the boat), “Jujitsu Trick” and “Comic Circus”. Barney and I also appeared as thugs in Tiny’s “Stump Speeches” stunt.

On Tuesday we built a breeches buoy across the lake to an island - I had three rides. Once the rope sagged and I skimmed the water, to the great joy of the onlookers. I took a photograph while suspended on the rope.

During the camp I somehow acquired the reputation for being a strong man. I lifted the flag pole from it’s socket when three others had failed to do so and thereafter had to periodically display my strength! When the parents came we were sent into the boats to cut away dead timber in the lake. I had to leave my boat – the Gull – and work thigh deep. Later we splashed our way back with the trophies, when I had to get a water lily for my mother.

Tuesday night – home again and frantic preparations. What a hot box the house seemed!


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