Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday 28th May 1933

Rain in the morning, which cleared. To Brayford to met the H.F. Waited 30 minutes; nobody appeared. Half decided to go alone, I walked along Monks Road, feeling very upset. On the edge of the country, I met a bus. Acted on impulse and boarded it; back to Brayford, still no signs.

Went home, changed into uniform and set out for Sudbrooke. By this time the morning had gone. Irritable. Ill-tempered, a slight head-ache. Skies grey. Only Akel at Sudbrooke, but Grannie, Tug, Peter and hack came soon after. Horace bad tempered; we teased him – from the bank.

Cuttting down and trimming “light timber” (maple trees). I felled my first. Hack, Grannie and I had a paddle in the new patrol boat. Smart, with a mast. After they had gone it poured with rain. Horace attacked twice.

Tramped home through the fields. Cherry Willingham. Rain, dusk, thirst, drink of water, night rhythmic strides. Home 11.25. Had to rouse the house to be let in.


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