Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sunday 21st May 1933

A sunny day for the Empire Parade (equivalent to St. George’s at Leicester.) Met at Westgate, every Scout at his smartest; 20 of us. Marched to Castle Square. Guides, Cubs, Scouts. Saw Dick and Robin with the 11th. Into the Cathedral. I feared the service would be intensely patriotic, but it was very decent. After, the March Past, (Lord Liverpool). Round the Cathedral, along Eastgate for dismissal at the Square.

The 7th marched through the crowds in good order and dismissed outside the club-room. I feel quite proud of my Troop. We were so obviously the best. Correct uniforms, correct badges, disciplined, marching in step. Akel planned everything; for instance he left a gap between the 7th and the Troop next in front. I am in a First Class Group at last! Though I do not think I shall ever regain my old enthusiasm – indeed, passion – for Scouting. I shall not leave yet awhile.

Thought of Resolutions.

What shall I be? Out-of-work, how much longer? One thing is sure; I will not go through the disgrace of the Means Test. If still unemployed when I become due for it (about the 19th September) I would rather join the army as a last resort.


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