Sunday, February 11, 2007

Monday 22nd May 1933

Though out of work I am kept busy at home nowadays, painting, cleaning, varnishing.

Reference library, extracts from the Muirheads “North Wales”- “Pistyll Rhaiaidr….210 feet high…perhaps the finest in Wales”. Tryfan. (Where my thumb stick remains-) “Scored by gullies which afford ample scope to the expert cragsman but are inaccessible to the ordinary climber…the three headed hill…precipitous…A remarkable pyramid”. Snowdon. “Glaslyn and Llydaw are dominated by sheer walls of rock” (That cleft above Glaslyn!) “Snowdon is noted for its sudden mists, are perilously precipitous and craggy. Inexperienced hill climbers will be ill advised to stray from the paths”. Pen-y-Pass Route. Finest recognized ascent…finest and steepest”.

If I had known all this before, I would never have dared Tryfan or Snowdon!


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