Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday 30th July 1933

A sunny day. Quite a happy one, but something – perhaps not being A1 in health – was missing. I expected the Ramblers to tea, but only Gwen and Captain (Doreen) came. We wandered about the lake and they both learned to paddle and row. Visited my shady tree, Horace’s nest, the boathouse and teased our gentle swan. I rowed a little, too.

Later came Matron with two of her girls. After Captain, Gwen and I had fetched water (a job visitors liked). We had tea at the Lion’s site. Delightful and humorous Scouts. I had to ring the bell furiously to drown their ribald remarks. Matron dressed my hands this time and did it effiently. A long talk.

After the boys (six tonight) were in bed I had a stroll around the lake via Temple Walk. Dark, and I was nervy but overcame it. Then to bed but no sleep. The wind rose and shook the tent so that it’s flapping kept me awake. Out of bed to fasten the door and my tired eyes saw three tall poplar trees against a stormy sky. A second time I went to the door, this time to lace it from the rough winds. Tall poplars – cloudy sky. Heavy rain drummed on the tent. It ceased. The wind roared. At last I slept.

(2005 - I thought and still do at this time that Matron had hopes of Akel. No chance! Akel did not love women).


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