Sunday, February 18, 2007

Friday 21st July 1933

Awoke feeling quite fit again. We decided to camp at Sudbrooke and prepare for the Girl’s Home Guides, who come tomorrow. Swiftly packed and went after dinner. Tent’s already up. Tea over, we roved into the woods, hoping to get lost. Down a stream, then through thick belts of saplings, across dry dykes and the verge of nettle beds.

In a wild way we did lose ourselves and at length reached a country lane near the village Longworth. Akel came with a few Scouts. Concentrated hard work, i.e. The erection of a large grub shelter. They returned at night. Having lit a primus in the Stores Hut we sat there in deck chairs, eating supper – the dark trees beyond the circle of our light.

Pike hunting on the lake with a candle; Jack said the light would attract fish. It did not but we found it pleasantly eerie, paddling softly around. Dark sky, dark woods, dark water but light inside the boats square. We did not get to bed until midnight.


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