Sunday, February 18, 2007

Wednesday 19th July 1933

A hot day of blazing sun. Jack and I went up-river (i.e. Foss-Dyke) in the Westgate skiff. Sculled by turns, the watch below being on duty at the tiller.

Delightful, proud sculling, dreamy, happy steering. A swim in cool deep water beyond Pyewipe; lunch in the boat. A following wind drove the boat on without the use of oars. The sun burnt us. We passed traffic safely and proudly. Near Salixby we turned back, into the wind. Removed the rudder and raced back to Lincoln, both of us at the oars. Speed! Another swim, then in the late afternoon, I sculled into Brayford. A glorious day. Boating opens another field of joy for me.

After tea, dashed to Westgate and loaded the trek cart. I was the only one without a cycle and had to run some distance before Nutty’s bike arrived. Sudbrooke; erected the tents - and hands are badly blistered. Rainstorm. Home with Akel in the car. Flickering head lights as the car tore into the rainy darkness. The evening and afternoon might have been different days, so dissimilar were they.


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