Sunday, February 18, 2007

Saturday 15th July 1933

A day of uncertain weather. Pow-wow with Akel at his shop re. Troop matters in the morning. The street dancers before the shop; men or women?

Westgate 3 o’clock. Trek cart party to Sudbrooke and only Tiny and Nutty turned up. Tiny went home. We dallied, visited Akel, the afternoon slipped by. At length Nutty and I decided to go our various ways minus trek cart.

Tug in residence at Sudbrooke. Punting very easy in the lake’s shallows. Some parts are becoming stagnant. Found a dead pike and built a cairn of stones in the middle of the lake. There he lies, out of his home at last, in death. A swim – cold water at the plunge.

Already dark when I set off for Lincoln. Ran over a mile, rucksack and all! Just as I began to walk a car pulled up and the kindly driver gave me a lift to Castle square. Home 11.15. Not so bad.


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