Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday 2nd July 1933

Up at 8a.m. – Mr. Crowder at once brought us cups of tea. Washed in the house. Luxury camping! On the road by 10.30, after Tiny had completed his log. Through Bardney village. Path towards “Point 22, Tile House Beck”, where we discovered a fault in the instructions and map. Sun climbing.

A long talk with the farmer at “point 22”, who told us all about the monks and much more. Stainfield. Missed the field path but arrived safely at the Abbey of Barlings. Shimmering haze. Lunch here; Tiny sketched the ruins. Left at 2.30. Barlings. Langworth. Hottest part of the journey. The tar of the roads stuck to our shoes like mud. Cool foliage of the Sudbrooke trees. Mileage 10.

Journey’s End. A glorious bathe. Sudbrooke “surf riding” Tea (oat cakes, apple and egg for me). Caught the 9 o’clock bus to Lincoln. Hot box. Slept well.


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