Sunday, February 18, 2007

Monday 26th June 1933

Labour Exchange. Put on waiting list for next lot of newspaper canvassing jobs. Met a parent on the way. The Troop had won the County Colour! Rang up Akel’s shop. It was true! I am a member of the best Troop in Lincolnshire! My stars!

After dinner a lovely walk. To Waddington through fields of wheat, clover, mowing grass and ploughed hard. Beyond the aerodrome I struck the old Roman road. A straight, wide track between hedges. Miles passed. I saw a few labourers. Sometimes the track crossed or joined a country road. No villages.

Tea near Boothby Graffoe. Flat country in all directions. Few trees; almost fen. Sat on a gate and read poetry. Then along a straight road towards Metheringham – across the main road. Turned Lincoln wards. Loneliness. Another rest, then fast walking began – getting late. Past the RAF Wireless Station and through Bracebridge. Home 9.45.


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