Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday 25th June 1933

Too lazy for Sudbrooke. Met the H.F. at 12 o’clock, Eastgate. Wandered through the hazy afternoon. Eddie and Gwen, Roy, “Flo” (dreadful name) and I. Fields. Near Welton, tea on the lawn of a garage.

I like Roy; first impressions were wrong. He is a sensible and interesting talker. Eddie and Gwen, Roy and Flo. Along a dreamy bridle path. Peace. Entwined fingers. Eyes. Easy going, several halts. The world at our feet, near Carlton. Burton, to Lincoln. Soldiers with their little cares.

Queer little man who tried to make friends with me. “Harry” Weak-minded! His eyes kept on running up and down me; he thought I did not notice. Home 10p.m.


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