Monday, February 12, 2007

Wednesday 21st June 1933

Raining steadily. Had arranged to take Second-Class Tests at Sudbrooke. It rained yet. Went to the library after dinner; met Wilf, and then the rush began.

4p.m. Dashed to Sudbrooke and found none of my team was there. 4.20p.m. Dashed back (this by car). 4.40 to 7 Wilf and I at the cinema. Screaming lunatics, slobbering women, weeping men, passion, murder and etc. 7.20p.m. Ran to Broadgate in a downpour of rain and ….wondrous! Met the H.F. ramblers. Six. Sheltered until 7.30, when the rain ceased, and we set fourth. Riseholme and Burton district. Back by 9 o’clock. Posted an application letter at West Parade, just as Mr. Bates, my honoured ex-chief passed by. Usually a dashing time life this leaves me in a good humour but I feel very irritable at the moment. This is Wednesday; have not had a joyful day since Sunday.


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