Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday 12th June 1933

High Noon!
The sun at it’s zenith!

“Now, today, has come the time for singing;
Now, today, the good red wine must flow;
You may hear our lifted glasses ringing;
For the hour must strike when we must go.”

Let me prophecy. This summer my happiness will reach it’s height. High noon. Shimmering haze – like a party, a jolly, laughing party, on a summer’s day. Lengthening shadows. The fun goes on, but the shadows are growing longer, stealing across the lawn to the laughing people.

Then – Sunset. The hour strikes when I must go. In the cool of the evening, the merry ones are left behind, and things change. What will be the finale of the party? Ullesthorpe? Then the day – the glorious day – will be over. “But, perchance, the coming night is full of stars” In my case my prophecy should come true, (and I have reason to think it will). I am going to get the last out of these next three months. I will imagine I have three months to live, but instead of dying I shall have a change, a fresh beginning.

(Note- 1982 The reason that I spoke of three months to be enjoyed before the Night is that I fully intended to dawdle no more. The date of September the 19th was final (I cannot recall why that date was chosen). If still unemployed on that date I would enlist in the dreaded Army. I would have done it but – wonder of wonders! On the 19th of September I got a job, far away in Surrey with Paripan. Fate! I was with them for 30 happy years).


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